Anshula Kapoors Foodie Throwback Is All About “Making Pizza From Scratch”


Anshula Kapoor’s love for all things cheese is no hidden secret in the foodie world. Lately, snooping on her social media timelines has become our favourite activity. You ask why? Well, because she never misses a chance to update her Insta-fam with her gastronomic adventures, even while on vacation. Recently, she shared a foodie throwback of a dream she wanted to check off her bucket list. Any guesses what she made? It was none other than our beloved Italian classic – pizza. Anshula dropped a video of herself preparing the dish next to a chef, revealing that she “learned how to make pizza from scratch” while on vacation with her partner, Rohan Thakkar, last month.
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The clip opens with Rohan Thakkar and Anshula Kapoor sitting with two different pizzas in front of them. Then, Anshula is seen following the steps demonstrated by the chef. The two begin by flattening their dough. Once they had perfected the dough to match the pizza base size, she can be seen pouring blazing red pizza sauce on top of it. Next, she sprinkles grated cheese on top, followed by vegetables and tomatoes. Finally, she puts her pizza in the oven and also gives a glimpse of it when it’s fully cooked. Anshula wrote, “Fulfilled a bucket list goal last month, so it needed to be on the feed! Learned how to make pizza almost from scratch while vacationing at The Westin Himalayas! I’m going to toot my own horn and say it was (lovestruck emoji) (even though it didn’t look half as good as chef’s pizza haha)”. Take a look:

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Every time Anshula Kapoor plans to eat out, her love for pizza is made clear to her social media followers. Even her recent date night with Rohan Thakkar included a tempting margherita pizza, along with a decadent burger, fries, and beer. It appears that the love for pizza runs in the Kapoor family. This is because we have often caught Arjun Kapoor relishing the cheesy dish. Well, the actor makes sure to make it healthy by including toppings like zucchini, mushrooms, and tomatoes. But he too never skips the cheese, just like sister Anshula Kapoor.

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