“Barbieque Party!”: Amul Celebrates The Success Of Barbie With A Fun Post


After the successful release of the much-awaited movie ‘Barbie’, fans have been showing constant love and appreciation for it on social media. People are also embracing the fabulous Barbiecore trend in their posts. Recently, the dairy brand Amul joined in the celebration of the movie’s success with a creative topical. Curious to see what they’ve come up with? On their Instagram, Amul India shared a cartoon version of the movie poster featuring our beloved characters, Barbie and Ken, holding bread and Amul butter. They also added a clever touch with the text, “Barbieque Party. For the pink of health,” perfectly blending the movie’s name and theme with Amul’s delicious message. And that’s not all! The image also has the caption, “Adventure-Comedy-Fantasy movie causes waves!” and we couldn’t agree more. Check out Amul’s post below:
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Amul India continues to work its creative magic, delighting its audience with such imaginative topicals from time to time. Previously, they paid a “butterful tribute” to the movie Oppenheimer. In this topical, they presented a cartoon version of the Oppenheimer movie poster, but with a delicious twist. The main character, striking a confident pose, is seen holding a slab of Amul butter. Above the picture, the text reads, “Oppen Yummier Butter!” The brilliance doesn’t stop there – the caption that goes along with the post perfectly captures the excitement: “#Amul Topical: Christopher Nolan’s war drama created waves!” Read the full story here.

Amul India’s ability to infuse creativity in their topicals never ceases to amaze us. With each artistic offering, they leave us craving for more, making our butter-loving hearts flutter with joy.


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