Gordon Ramsay Reacts To 2-Year-Old Eating Gourmet Meal, Exclaims “Mini Me!”


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his quick wit and harsh criticism of cooking videos online. The food whiz often shares hilarious and relatable videos on his social media profiles for millions of fans all over the world. Recently, Ramsay himself was in for a sweet surprise from one of his young fans. Levi, a 2-year-old, has gained popularity for his love of delicious food, which he enjoys thanks to his chef father. Gordon Ramsay took to Instagram to react to one of Levi’s videos. In the video, the young food enthusiast was seen savouring a very special kind of meat, cooked and presented just like a dish served to an adult. Take a look:

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“Levi eats slow-braised oxtail with jicama slaw and lotus root chips,” read the description in the original post. The clip shared by Gordon Ramsay has received over 1.4 million views and 75k likes. In the video, the two-year-old’s chef dad asks him what he wants to eat and then proceeds to cook it. He uses aromatic spices and brine to make the meat, then prepares the coleslaw and fried lotus root chips. “That’s a Michelin-star plating right there,” exclaims Gordon Ramsay in the video.
Then, when the two-year-old finally got to taste the meal – Gordon Ramsay was impressed yet again. He was surprised to see that the baby had a liking for the Michelin-star meal and also commented on the food. “Masterchef Junior Junior Junior coming your way soon,” laughed Ramsay in the video.
Several fans of Ramsay reacted to the video in the comments section. “I’m a firm believer in feeding your kids good food. Especially if you’re cooking it for yourself anyway, why should they get anything different,” said one user while another wrote, “Give that baby a cooking job NOW!”
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