ICYMI: When Robert Downey Jr. Ate A Delicious Italian Meal Made By Stanley Tucci


It is said that some of the greatest bonds are formed over food. Thus, sharing a meal with our loved ones is something that we all look forward to. And if the meal is home-cooked, it’s even better, right? Recently, popular Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. took some time out of his busy schedule to enjoy a wholesome Italian meal. It was cooked by none other than Stanley Tucci who himself has multiple roles to his credit. He also has a television series dedicated to the nuances of Italian cooking. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Instagram on Robert Downey Jr’s official handle. It has received over 13 million views and 1 million likes. “Dinner @ Casa Tucci – Truly a gem of a fella, & Felicity made me feel like family. Check out @stanleytucci in Searching for Italy,” he wrote in the caption of the Instagram post. In the post, we could see the entire preparation of the meal done by Stanley Tucci. He used the freshest ingredients for the meal including tomatoes, onions, capers and cod. “Dinner for @robertdowneyjr + 11 more,” he revealed in his post on Instagram.

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Instagram users loved to see the ace Hollywood stars bond over the delicious meal. “This. This. This is the collaboration I have needed for my entire life,” said one user. “Not sure who is luckier. Stanley getting to hang with Robert, or Robert getting to hang with Stanley,” added another. “I would give anything for you two to do some kind of travel series together,” agreed another user.
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