Monday Done Right! 6 Smart Ways To Reuse Leftover Chicken Curry


Let us all agree, Monday blues are for real, especially after a super exciting weekend and late night party. Waking up early the next day can be a pain and on top of that, planning meals seem like a torture. What do you do then? Order food from outside? That doesn’t look like a feasible plan. Guess what we do! We play smart and revamp the leftover food from the weekend. Today, we have a bowl of chicken curry from last night’s dinner party that we will be serving to the family in various ways throughout the day. You can do it with mutton curry as well. Let’s see what all we can make with a bowl of leftover chicken curry.
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Here’re 6 Unique Ways To Enjoy Leftover Chicken Curry:

1. Chicken sandwich:

Shred a piece of chicken or two, add some gravy to it and boil well to thicken. Then use as a spread to lather a slice of bread and add some cucumber, tomato and onion on the top. Cover with another slice of bread and toast the sandwich well.

2. Chicken paratha:

Much the sandwich spread mentioned above, prepare a mix for paratha with shredded chicken and thick gravy. To it, add flour and prepare a dough. You can add some salt and ajwain for added flavours. Next, cut small roundels, roll them flat and roast well with ghee. And you have chicken paratha ready to be relished.
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3. Chicken noodles:

This is our favourite in the lot! Heat some oil, add chopped onion, garlic and green chilli and saute for a while. To it, add chicken gravy and some shredded or chopped chicken pieces. Mix well and add boiled noodles and toss together. Adjust salt and pepper and serve hot.

4. Chicken pulao:

Boil some rice with whole cinnamon, cardamom, clove and bay leaf for flavours. Toss the rice in chicken and gravy and serve hot. You can add some ghee for added flavour. Here’s a delicious recipe for you.

5. Chicken roll:

Did you know, you can also make a street style chicken roll with it? Prepare a crispy paratha, thicker than usual. Then add some chicken pieces and gravy at the centre. Top with cucumber, onion, green chilli, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Some also like adding some tomato and green chilli sauces to it. Roll it and enjoy.

6. Chicken dosa:

You can also use this chicken as a filling for dosa and give the classic dish a meaty spin. In this case, make sure you add as less amount of gravy as you can.
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How To Re-Use The Gravy Of Your Chicken Curry:

There are times we end up making extra gravy for chicken curry. If you have been tossing that extra bowl of gravy, then stop doing it today. Instead, boil some eggs, fry them and add to the gravy for a delicious egg curry for your next meal. You can also add some lightly fried paneer cubes instead.
Try these cooking hacks and make your Monday a bit less hectic. Have a great week ahead!


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