Plastic Chopping Board Slipping And Sliding? 5 Genius Hacks to Keep It Steady


You might think that a chopping board is just a simple surface for cutting vegetables, but its importance should not be underestimated. A strong and durable chopping board is essential for stability, especially when using sharp knives. Plastic chopping boards, though convenient, can pose a slipping hazard if not handled properly. In this article, we’ll share five tips to ensure you can use your plastic chopping board safely and avoid unwanted accidents.

Why Some Plastic Chopping Boards Are Risky:

While not all plastic chopping boards are problematic, cheaper versions can be less durable and come with slippery surfaces. These boards can react to food and become unsafe to use over time.
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5 Tips to Keep Your Plastic Chopping Board Stable:

1. Use a damp cloth below the board:

To create traction and prevent slipping, place a damp towel or light cotton fabric between the countertop and the chopping board. This simple trick ensures stability during cutting and chopping.

2. Use paper towels as an alternative:

If you don’t have cotton fabric, don’t worry! You can use paper towels, in the same way, to maintain stability while using the chopping board.

3. Invest in a non-slip mat:

Instead of discarding your plastic chopping board, consider investing in a non-slip mat. These mats can be used for various purposes in the kitchen and provide a practical and safe solution.

4. Add rubber grips:

For a long-term solution, purchase four rubber grips from a local hardware shop and stick them to the four corners of the chopping board. This will enhance its grip and prevent slipping.

5. Keep the board clean and dry:

To ensure both safety and hygiene, it’s crucial to keep the chopping board clean and dry. Leftover food particles can make the surface greasy and slippery. Regularly clean and dry the board to enjoy safe kitchen practices.
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How to Clean Your Plastic Chopping Board:

Cleaning plastic chopping boards can be challenging, as leftover food can hide in the corners. Instead of relying solely on the dishwasher, try the following method:
1. Cut a lemon into two halves and sprinkle some salt on it.
2. Scrub the chopping board thoroughly with the lemon halves to exfoliate and remove hidden particles.
3. Rinse the board with regular water.
4. Finally, wash the board using your dishwasher.
5. Once done, dry the board completely by rubbing it with a clean towel and placing it under the sun or a fan.
By following these five tips and maintaining proper cleaning practices, you can use your plastic chopping board safely and reduce the risk of accidents in the kitchen. Remember, investing in a good-quality chopping board with a non-slip surface is a small but essential step towards ensuring your safety while preparing meals.


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