Spectacular! This Unique Restaurant In Norway Lets You Float While You Dine


Visiting a new restaurant is always an exciting experience. From the ambience, menu, and food presentation to the service, there are so many things that we look forward to. It takes our imagination on a ride as we keep wondering if it’ll be worth the visit. Sometimes we come back disappointed, and then there are times when we’re left completely speechless. We’re sure you must have had a similar experience at some point. However, have you ever dined while floating on water? Recently, we came across a video that shows a unique restaurant that has opened up in the middle of the Hardanger Fjord in Norway, and let us tell you, it is one of a kind.
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Mari Eriksmoen, a popular Norwegian opera singer, took to Instagram to share a video of this newly opened restaurant. She recently visited the place and documented the entire experience. In the clip, we first get to see a glimpse of the restaurant from the outside, which looks like a spaceship in the middle of the water. In order to get there, she reveals that diners are picked up by 100% electric boats. As she reaches the restaurant, she describes it as feeling like a “moon landing”. Further, as she walks in, she shows us around the place, which has food-centred installations and stunning lighting. Mari also draws a comparison of the place with the fictional Hawthron in the movie ‘The Menu’, and suggests people not watch it before they come here. Watch the video below:

Sharing her experience, Marie wrote in the caption, “This spectacular restaurant, @iristherestaurant, just opened in the middle of the Hardanger Fjord in Norway, and it’s one of the most extraordinary restaurant experiences I’ve ever had! The combination of a beautiful location and amazing food will be something people from all around the world will come here for! Young star chef Anika Madsen gave us local, exciting ingredients from the sea and the mountains, and it was fantastic.”
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Giving us insights about the food at this restaurant, she reveals that it has an impressive 18-course menu. We also got to see a glimpse of some of the food that she tried there, which looked every bit exquisite. There were desserts adorned with berries and edible flowers, and a drink was poured into a unique glass. According to Marie, the views from this restaurant were “insane” and if she had to describe the restaurant in one word, it would be “spectacular”.

What do you think about this unique restaurant? Would you want to visit it? Tell us in the comments below!


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