Swiggy Instamarts Epic Reply To Mans Puma-Upma Mix-Up Sets Social Media Abuzz


Ready-to-eat food packs are saviors for people who struggle to cook or are always on the run. The best part about them is that they taste just as good as regular meals and are also quite affordable. However, a Twitter user recently ended up paying Rs 690 for upma. Wondering how? Well, he didn’t buy the upma literally, but it turns out he bought shoes that misspelled the brand name on them. Pondering whether society will accept him or not, the man tweeted the picture of his fake Puma shoes that he bought from the local market. But the post created a huge buzz, grasping the attention of an on-demand instant grocery delivery service, Swiggy Instamart. Their response to the man’s tweet has left innumerable users rolling on the floor laughing. While sharing the picture of his local Puma shoes, the Twitter user wrote, “Thrifted this delicious shoe yesterday from a local market for 690 bucks. Will society accept me?” Take a look:
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Just a few days later, the man’s hilarious post went viral, and the official Twitter page of Swiggy Instamart retweeted it, informing that it wouldn’t have cost him that much if he had bought it from their app. But there is a twist. Playing with the word ‘upma’, Swiggy Instamart dropped a picture of a packet of ready-made Upma mix and claimed it isn’t that expensive. The grocery delivery service app wrote, “Should have checked our app before buying, itna mehnga nahi milta.” This roughly translates to, “Should have checked our app before buying; it is not that expensive.”

It appears that even internet users were in the mood for some witty wordplay. Responding to the man’s question of whether society will accept him, a user said, “Will work for breakfast as well.” To this, the man jokingly replied, “My mom be like, ‘yehi khaaiyo abh subah‘ (My mom be like, eat this in the morning.)”

Some even claimed that he might have overspent on the fake shoes. A comment read, “Rs 300 to Rs 500 max dena tha Rs 690 thoda zyada ho gaya upma ke liye. (You should have given Rs 300 to Rs 500 max, Rs 690 for upma is a bit more.)” The man replied, “Upma is love, sir, so I thought to overspend a bit.”
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