Twitter Is Confused After Watching This Video Of Wife Sacrificing To Feed Her Husband


The internet has a plethora of video content that we scroll through daily. From entertaining and funny videos to informative ones about a variety of subjects, there is so much to choose from. While some videos bring a smile to our face, others make us question why they were created in the first place. Recently, one such video shared on Instagram Reels has stirred up a debate. The clip was shared by popular content creator Timsy Jain (@tims_island) and it was widely circulated across social media. Take a look:

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In the video, we could see her having lunch with her husband. The duo ate rice, dal and sabzi – a common staple meal in many Indian households. Meanwhile, the husband was demanding more rice and the casserole of rice was empty. So, the wife took some rice from her plate and pretended that she was serving it from the casserole when actually it was from her own plate. The husband did not realise what she was doing and continued to eat his food while browsing his phone.
The video shared on Instagram Reels has received over 228k views and 14.4k likes. A number of comments and reactions also poured into the video. “Sweet but not something to be proud of. Why sacrifice,” said one user. A few others pointed out that she was serving rice with her hands while she was eating it with a spoon. “Eating with a spoon and serving with hands…wow,” wrote a user. Others suggested she could just have cooked a bit extra instead of making the exact amount of rice. “Why don’t you cook a bit extra, my mother hates cooking the exact amount thinking any guest may arrive so that they can also have some food,” commented a user.

Meanwhile, a discussion erupted on Twitter too about this video. Take a look at the comments and reactions:


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