Viral Tweet: This Udaipur Samosa Seller Is A Hit For His Important Life Lessons


India’s street food landscape is filled with all kinds of culinary gems. From a crispy samosa to a piping hot jalebi, a crunchy pani puri to a wholesome aloo tikka chaat – you’ll find all this and more. The street food vendors selling our favourite chaat often become a part and parcel of our existence. And often they have some interesting nuggets of wisdom to shell out that they have learned through their lives! Recently, one such elderly man selling samosas in Udaipur went viral on Twitter. The reason was that he had an inspiring message to share with a Twitter user which struck a chord with people online. Take a look:

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The post was shared by Twitter user @aaraynsh, where it received over 1.3 million views and 16.4k likes. In the click, we could see an elderly man selling samosas near a busy road in Udaipur. “It was raining heavily when I parked my car beside a traffic signal near court circle udaipur, where I saw an old uncle selling hot samosa and poha,” explained the Twitter user. Then, he placed an order and asked the elderly man why he didn’t take retirement, keeping in mind his age. What the Udaipur samosa seller replied changed his perspective about work!
Beta, main ab is umra mein paise ke liye kaam nahi karta. Main apne dil ko khush rakhne ke liye kaam karta hun. Ghar par akela baithne se yahan baithna behtar hai. Jab main chaar logon ke khush chehre dekhta hun, jo mere khane ka swaad lete hain, to mera dil khushi se bhar jata hai. [At this age, I do not work for money. I work to keep my heart happy. It is better to be here than to sit alone at home. When I see the happy faces of four people who enjoy the taste of my food, my heart fills with joy].”
A number of internet users reacted to the viral tweet. People showered praise on the elderly man and his approach to work and life. Take a look at the reactions:

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