Viral Video: Finish This Six-Foot-Long Dosa All By Yourself And Win Rs. 11,000


Dosa has turned out to be one of our favourite South Indian treats. A versatile dish, it can be customised in an endless number of ways and can be enjoyed for practically any meal of the day. Whether you savour it for breakfast or use it to fill your tummy for lunch – a dosa is ideal for every situation. However, what is your maximum capacity of eating dosas? Can you eat one in a sitting or can you go beyond? A new food challenge involving dosa seeks competitors to finish a six-foot-long dosa all by themselves and win Rs 11,000 as a prize.
The video of the dosa challenge was posted by the popular blogger duo Vaani and Saavi, who go by the handle @pestolicious. It has received over 5.7 million views and 383k likes since the time it was posted. “Tag someone who can finish this,” they wrote in the caption of the video. The video was shot at Dosa Factory – a popular dosa restaurant in Connaught Place, New Delhi. Take a look:

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In the viral video of the dosa challenge, the making of the six-foot-dosa was shown. Three giant dosas were cooked together and connected through the batter. The giant dosa was smeared with three different kinds of masalas. The gigantic dish was then topped with cheese and served with sambhar, chutneys and rava kesari on the side.
The dosa challenge garnered a flurry of responses from internet users. Many of them felt that they could actually finish it by themselves. “If there isn’t any time limit, it’s my cup of tea,” said one user while another agreed, “It’s just 3 dosas!” “Keep your money I’ll eat it for free,” commented someone and another chimed in, “For a person who eats 20-25 dosas straight from the pan waiting behind my mom in the kitchen…I think I can easily finish this!”
Do you think you could finish the six-foot-long dosa all by yourself? Tell us in the comments.


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