Viral Video Shows How Soan Papdi Is Made; The Process Will Leave You Stunned


Soan papdi is one of the most unique Indian mithais. These yellow square pieces have a delicate texture that melts into your mouth as soon as you take the first bite. It is especially popular during festivals such as Diwali and is exchanged between our loved ones. Soan papdi is loved not just in India but also abroad. If you look it up on the internet, you’ll find several videos of foreigners trying this dessert for the first time. That’s how popular it is. But apart from its incredible taste, have you ever wondered how soan papdi is made? We recently came across a viral video that shows the making of soan papdi, and it will surely take you by surprise.
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The video was shared on Instagram by a handle called @swadishtdelights. In the clip, we could see a group of workers arranging almonds and pistachios on huge trays. Then, sugar is melted in a kadhai to make its syrup and combined with besan and ghee. This sticky mixture is then kneaded by them to give it structure like a rubber band. It is then carefully arranged on the trays, flattened from the top, and cut into square pieces. They are finally topped with dry fruits, transferred to boxes, and sold. You can watch the full video here:

Since being shared, the video has amassed over 11.2 million views, 531K likes, and hundreds of comments. Internet users were quite impressed to see the process by which their favourite mithai is made. Some even appreciated the hygiene conditions that were kept in mind while making it, which are often ignored in most cases. One person wrote, “Let me appreciate you guys for the hygiene.” Another person added, “After a long time, I saw hygiene in making sweets.”
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“Soan papdi sabse sasti, sundar sweet dish hai. I love it,” expressed a third person. A fourth comment read, “Soan papdi is the best example of jitni effort lagaoge utni value kam rahegi (the more effort you put in, the less value you get)” A fifth person wrote, “One of the best sweets made with huge efforts and deviation. I love this sweet.” “I’ve always wondered how they came up with those recipes and cooking methods. Interesting and mesmerising,” read a sixth comment.

What do you think about the soan-papdi-making process? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 


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