Wait, What? Bird Stealing Pasta From Womans Plate Rakes In 41 Million Views


Food isn’t just a means of sustaining ourselves – it’s a whole other passion. We have seen how food lovers savour their favourite dishes with every bite and indulge their senses in the food that they truly relish. But it turns out even our furry friends from the animal kingdom do enjoy an occasional bite or two of our food! Recently, a viral video of a bird sneakily eating pasta from a woman’s plate has made the internet fall in love. Take a look:

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The video was shared online by popular Twitter user @BornaKang, where it has received over 41 million views. “Damn if this wasn’t recorded no one would believe it,” read the caption to the viral video. It was originally shared by @777laurenz and was widely circulated across social media. In the 33-second clip, we could see the woman waiting to eat her pasta. A sparrow was quickly taking bites from the bowl of spaghetti Arabiatta. The woman looked quite astonished at this bird eating her food. The woman later continued eating her meal after the bird flew away.
A flurry of reactions also poured into the comments section of the video. “People horrified that she kept eating it? I trust more the cleanliness of birds than any human,” said one user. “This is exactly how a pandemic starts,” argued another.

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