Watch: From Istanbul To Delhi: The Sweet Journey Of Baklava Captivates Desi Hearts


Indians have an insatiable love for sweets, indulging in them during special occasions or even as part of their everyday meals. But this sweet tooth isn’t unique to India alone; it’s a practice that resonates in various countries worldwide. Just as some Indian desserts have found popularity abroad, there are foreign delicacies that have captured the hearts of Indian sweet enthusiasts. One such delectable treat is the Turkish Baklava – a beloved dessert savoured by many in India. If you’re curious to discover the mesmerizing process behind this renowned delight, we’ve got you covered with a captivating video.

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Recently, a captivating clip featuring the making of Turkish Baklava surfaced on Instagram Reels, courtesy of the well-known blogger, Amar Sirohi, famously known as ‘foodie incarnate’ on the platform. The video showcases the intricate steps involved in crafting this delicacy from one of the sweet shops in Delhi. Garnering immense attention, the video received 514k views (and counting).

In this preparation, layers upon layers of thin sheets made from flour and corn flour are meticulously laid out in a baking tray. The creation of Baklava involves applying 50 to 70 such layers, interspersed with a generous spread of pistachios and ghee, adding a heavenly taste to each bite. Once the assembly is complete, the baklava is cut into charming square pieces and baked until it obtains a delightful golden hue. The final touch involves drizzling it with delightful sugar syrup and ghee, followed by a garnish of pistachios, enhancing its appearance and allure.

If your taste buds are tingling with excitement, you can watch the full video here:

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Now, we want to hear from you! Did this video leave you craving this Turkish treasure? Are you ready to embark on a Baklava adventure of your own? Let us know in the comments below!


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