Watch: Making Of 2000Kg Gulkand In Factory Stuns Internet


Gulkand, a delightful ingredient made from rose petals, has been tantalizing taste buds for centuries in various Indian dishes and desserts. The term “Gulkand” originates from “Gul,” which means rose, and “Kand,” which translates to sweet. This delectable treat, reminiscent of jam or marmalade, holds a special place in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine. Recently, a captivating video showcasing the intricate process of making Gulkand in Surat has gone viral, leaving food enthusiasts in awe.

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The video, shared by blogger Amar Sirohi, also known as ‘foodie_incarnate’ on YouTube, showcases the making of a whopping 2000kg of natural Gulkand in Gujarat. In just six days, the video garnered an impressive 2.8 million likes and a whopping 1.6 lakh views. It truly emphasises the growing interest in the traditional culinary practices of India.

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The video begins by demonstrating how rose petals are meticulously separated from the stems using the gentle force of fan air. Once gathered, the petals are skillfully mixed with fine sugar in a large tub to ensure a thorough integration of flavours. After the mixing is complete, the fragrant mixture is transferred into sturdy steel containers, where it undergoes a natural transformation for about two months to eventually become the beloved Gulkand.

Beyond the process of making Gulkand, it is essential to recognise its remarkable health benefits. One of its most significant advantages lies in its cooling effect, making it an ideal indulgence during scorching summers. Moreover, Gulkand is believed to aid in improving blood circulation and can be a natural remedy to combat stress and fatigue. Notably, people dealing with constipation may also find relief through regular consumption of Gulkand.

This timeless treat, steeped in tradition and cherished for its delightful taste, is a true gift from the past. It’s no surprise that Gulkand has found a special place in the hearts of food enthusiasts across the nation. So, if you are intrigued by this captivating process and curious about experiencing the remarkable benefits, we encourage you to give Gulkand a try!

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