Watch: US Blogger Makes Traditional Masala Dosa At Home, Foodies Approve


Dosa, a beloved breakfast delicacy from South India, holds a special place in the hearts of Indians worldwide. Whether they enjoy it at home, on the streetside, or in luxurious restaurants, its popularity knows no bounds. But, have you ever witnessed an American chef trying their hand at making dosa? Recently, popular US blogger and chef Eitan Bernath took on this flavourful challenge in his own kitchen. He shared a video of his masala dosa-making endeavour on Instagram, and the Internet can’t get enough of it. Within a mere 14 hours, the video has amassed around 125K views, captivating food enthusiasts across the globe.
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The video commences with Bernath’s excitement evident as he declares, “Let’s make a masala dosa as I ate on the streets of India.” He proceeds to embark on the delightful journey of crafting all three essential elements: aloo masala, coconut chutney, and dosa. To prepare the aloo masala, Bernath expertly heats vegetable oil in a pan and adds black mustard, cumin, chopped red onions, ginger garlic paste, and chopped green chillies. With precision, he introduces a medley of spices, including turmeric, coriander powder, and Kashmiri chilli powder, heightening the flavours. Incorporating already-cooked potatoes, he skillfully mashes them into the spice-infused mixture. For making the coconut chutney, Bernath places shredded coconut in a mixer-grinder with grated ginger, green chilli, and a splash of water, skillfully blending them to form a yummy-looking paste. Next, he heats vegetable oil in a pan and adds cumin, black mustard, red chillies, and curry leaves, creating a sizzling tempering. He then pours this flavorful tadka on top of the chutney. 
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He then moves on to preparing the dosa itself. Bernath, who admits that his previous attempts at dosa-making have never been successful, spreads ghee in the pan, followed by a smooth layer of readymade dosa batter.  A drizzle of oil was followed by the placing of the aloo masala on top. And finally, the dosa was rolled to perfection. Take a look at the video below: 

The comment section of this post was flooded with positive comments from different parts of the world.

“You nailed it, mate!! Great show!!”, wrote one user.
I am impressed with your Indian cooking skills, added another.
One person declared, “I’ve failed at making dosa each time I’ve tried thus far, but you have inspired me to try again! Looks delicious and just like the masala dosa I used to get at my favourite South Indian restaurant in Chicago.”
An Indian user commented, “Never seen a non-Indian try to cook a dosa before! This brings me a newfound respect for my daily breakfast.”
A chef provided Eitan with a cooking tip as well: “Very impressive! I’d recommend using a tava or a nonstick large skillet versus a cast iron skillet! And we add a little bit of water and eno/baking soda to the store-bought dosa batter to make for a bit crispier/lighter dosa.”

What are your views of Eitan Bernath’s video? Tell us in the comments below.
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