Watch: Video Of A Man Sharing Watermelon With Monkey Impresses Internet


Not just cats and dogs, videos of monkeys doing funny antics have always gained traction on the internet. Majority of these clips come with a foodie spin. Be it the viral monkey who was spotted eating pani puri in Gujarat or the video of a primate teaching its child not to take food from strangers – there is absolutely no dearth of monkey content on social media. Now the latest clip to grab the attention on Twitter is a man sharing watermelon with an ape.
The video opens with a man cutting a watermelon into a half, while the impatient monkey hops around in excitement. After cutting down the watermelon into two halves, the man took a chunk and handed it to the monkey. As the monkey enjoyed the sweet treat, the man also cut out a piece for himself. Upon noticing the monkey standing while eating, he instructed the latter to sit down. And guess what, it followed the instruction. 
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“Eating a watermelon together,” read the caption of the viral video on Twitter. Shared on July 30, the clip has already clocked over 8.3 million views. 
Watch the video here: 

(Disclaimer: NDTV does not vouch for the claims in the post by the Twitter user.)
Twitter users have termed the video “beautiful.” One of the users wrote, “This is pretty much my same reaction to fresh watermelon.” 

Another user tweeted: “I don’t blame him. Watermelon is good.”

A person called the video “oh-so-adorable.”

People continue to shower love on the cute video. 

A user even mentioned how the man (in the video) “literally gave him (the monkey) the best part of the watermelon.” 

Before this, a viral video captured a monkey eating pani puri from a street food vendor in Gujarat. The video showcased a monkey seated on a thela (food stall) where a vendor was serving pani puri. The video was shot in Dayanand Chowk in Gujarat’s Tankara district. Needless to say, the internet was left surprised. Watch the full video here.


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