Watch: Video Shows How Orange Popsicles Are Made In A Factory, Internet Is Divided


During our childhood, we all had a list of foods that we absolutely loved to relish. Be it a packet of chips or a yummy scoop of ice cream – there are so many treats that were among our childhood favourites. Talking about ice cream, the orange lick lolly or popsicle was also one treat that we loved to enjoy every now and then. The sticky sweet liquid dripping down our forearms made for a cooling and refreshing summer treat. But have you ever wondered how orange popsicles are actually made? A new video sheds some light on this subject and it has left the internet divided. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Instagram reels by popular content creator Amar Sirohi, who goes by the handle @foodie_incarnate. In a short span of 24 hours, it has already received over 664k views and 22k likes. In the clip, we could see the entire making of orange popsicles in a factory. Right from the mixing of the popsicle solution to the freezing of the lollies, and then packaging it and sealing it in packets to be boxed up and sold in the market – the video captured it all.
A flurry of reactions poured into the comments section of the video. Some people were quite intrigued by the making video and wanted to know more about the factory. Others were disgusted with the use of artificial colouring in the orange popsicles. “Never gonna eat this again after watching harmful colours and additives,” said one user. “How is the government allowing factories to run like this? Thank you for showing this! Absolutely unhealthy and extremely harmful,” commented another.
What did you think about the popsicle video? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, this is not the only making video that has gone viral. Recently, the making video of cakes in a factory had taken the internet by storm. A couple of cakes were being made in bulk in an unhygienic space. Click here to read more about this story.


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