Watch: Viral Video Shows Making Of Oreo Fried Rice, Would You Try It?


We live in the food experiment era, where fusion and combos have flooded the Internet. While there is nothing wrong with being innovative and coming up with something new, it rarely happens that such experiments leave you craving for the food combo. The outcome of the combo should not completely abandon the taste. Well, just when you thought that you had seen it all, one such bizarre food combo—oreo fried rice, is making rounds on the internet. This experiment has honestly left the users questioning “Why?” Honestly, we really can’t make up our minds about whether to pair it with flavourful Manchurian or garnish with chocolate sauce. If only reading this is repulsing you then wait till you watch the clip.

Yes, there is a clip, showing the preparation of chocolate fried rice. The video was dropped by an Instagram meme page. The clip opens with the cook heating oil in a wok. Once done, he added a few Oreo biscuits to it. In a bid to properly crush the biscuits, the cook ends up making a chocolate paste with oil. It was frying in the hot oil for some time when boiled plain rice was added to it. After stir-frying the rice properly, when it changed colour, the cook added a few vegetables with salt. He was also seen topping it all with soya sauce. Mix it well and you have Oreo fried rice. While serving, the dish was garnished with green onion and carrots.

Watch the full video here:

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Soon after the clip was shared, the users didn’t hesitate from claiming that “This is disturbing.”

A few urged, “Please don’t waste food for this kind of video.”

Well, this wasn’t the first food experiment involving Oreo with a dish. If you dislike pineapple pizza, we must tell you, earlier, internet users were left stunned by Oreo pizza. Yes, someone dared to experiment with our beloved pizza. While it looked cheesy, the dish was loaded with chocolate. The dish was topped with choco chips and whole biscuits were kept on top.

Not only was this but oreo was also used in preparing pakoras. Wondering how was it? Well, just know this much, after watching its video, you will surely not crave this pakoda in the rainy season. 


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